Cable-Based Overhead Fall Protection

Flexible Horizontal Lifeline overhead cable-based fall protection solutions provide a versatile yet economical solution to the most challenging fall hazards. Our cable-based overhead horizontal lifelines are engineered to meet your specific requirements.

Engineered to Your Specifications

Based on a variety of factors including work task and number of users; our engineers analyze fall distances, supporting structure, length of spans and loads to determine the horizontal lifeline performance requirements.

Single and Multi-Span Lifelines

All Flexible Overhead Horizontal Lifeline Systems are constructed of 316 marine grade stainless steel. Our high tension lifeline systems can provide multiple spans with up to 100’ between supports for 1 to 2 users. Parallel lifelines provide by pass capability for multiple users.

Horizontal Lifeline Applications

Flexible Overhead Horizontal Lifelines are commonly used in work at height applications such as Railcars, Trucks, Pipe Racks, Overhead Cranes and Aircraft hangars.

Why Safetico?

As the industry leader, Safetico is acknowledged as the only true turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions. We set the standard for fall arrest capability, quality, and efficiency when it comes to fall safety.