Horizon Over The Head

Horizon Over The Head

Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline System on Rigid Cable Line
Ref : Safetico

Horizon over the head provides permanent anchorage to a user who has to constantly move along an elevated horizontal track. It comprises of a Stainless Steel Wire Rope (grade 316) of 8mm diameter running all along the horizontal track and is installed at the ends using special End Extremity Posts. The Intermediate brackets hold the wire in position all along the length of the wire and are installed at intervals of Maximum 15mtrs. The Wire Rope is maintained in tension with the help of Tensioner at one end, while the other end has a swageless termination on to the Eye of the End Extremity Post.

The Stainless Steel Carriage Body connects the user to the line with the help of a Lanyard and moves smoothly without  interruption along the entire length of the Horizontal line and also through the Intermediate Brackets, thus ensuring 100% anchorage of the user at all times.
The line also has a Shock Absorber at one end which reduces the impact of fall both on the user as well as on the extremities.

The system also has an Inspection Name Plate for identification, traceability, and maintenance of inspection records. One Stainless Steel Cable tie is used to fasten the System Name Plate to the structure. At the time of installation, the relevant details are punched on the plate by a number punch. The revalidation dates are punched each year on the plates after inspection and revalidation.

The System is versatile and can be installed on Walls, Floors, Ceilings as well as on Pre-engineered Building Roofs, Fragile Roofs, Airports using the same components by using appropriate posts to install the system to the client’s receiving structure.